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About Seven Seas

Seven Seas is an emerging, independent Japanese private equity real estate investment manager staffed by professionals with profound knowledge of the real estate industry. Our mission is to create value by revitalizing real estate and businesses that own underutilized properties. By providing real estate expertise and required capital, Seven Seas can improve properties and respective corporate cashflow.


Our Business

Since inception, Seven Seas has engaged in real estate investing.

Changes in the economy and demography have altered the demand for real estate, leaving some properties and businesses unable to adapt. Our ideal investment methodology is providing these properties and businesses with the necessary capital to materialize their untapped potential value.



Seven Seas is a real estate manager that strives to build a better society - a common goal with its global investors.

Demographic changes have transformed social needs. Technology has evolved and tenants require new and adaptable real estate as outdated properties are left vacant.One of our main philosophies at Seven Seas is to recreate real estate so that it can serve as the foundation of a better society.