Investment in Real Estate

Seven Seas aims to maximize the potential value of real estate through a combination of the following measures. We also take a multifaceted, multilateral approach that involves cooperation with local companies, public organizations, and experts in the areas where properties are located.

Investment method

Value Enhancement

Implement measures to maximize the potential value of real estate based on its state and its location

  • Renovation Overall repairs of aging/deteriorated facilities to revitalize properties into appealing real estate

  • Conversion Convert the usage or specifications to suit the times, location, and customer needs and maximize the potential value of the real estate


Implement measures to remediate real estate with issues of legal compliance and stabilize operations for idle or low-performing properties

  • Legal Compliance remediation Seismic retrofitting and identifying/resolving legal compliance issues

  • Stabilization of operations at idle/low-performing properties Draft and implement measures to increase tenant satisfaction. Review and rebrand the tenant mix

Development (Forward Commitment)

Participate autonomously from the designing phase, monitor the process, select contractors, and manage budgets hands-on prior to construction

  • Plan with foresight for post-construction market needs, work alongside development teams and purchase the property when the construction is complete

Rights Adjustment

Strive to maximize real estate value by adjusting rights such as sectional ownership, joint ownership, and leasehold rights

  • For real estate with complex legal relationships, address the root causes and devise solutions to convert them into highly liquid real estate

Asset Types of Consideration

  • Offices, residences, retail, commercial facilities, hotels, logistics facilities, golf courses, medical/healthcare facilities, and more
  • Real estate properties, trust beneficiary rights, real estate holding company shares, CMBS, TMK, silent partnership equity interest, and mortgage-backed claims

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