Corporate Identity

Seven Seas strives to be a globally
trusted fund management company
in the real estate investment market

We are fully aware that the capital entrusted to us is fundamentally irreplaceable and is sourced from pensioners, insurance policyholders, and depositors. In order to be a responsible fiduciary manager, we manage funds as investments rather than speculation, giving due consideration to the balance between risk and return. Our philosophy ensures that our investments contribute to society and help build the foundation for a better society by creating and revitalizing the value of the real estate.

Seven Seas strives to be a company that our employees can speak of with pride to their friends and families - a company recognized by the community.

Building the Foundation
for a Better Society

Real assets serve as the infrastructure of society where people live, work, and play. Our ideal business is to invest in real estate making it more useful for the community and creating places where working people can shine.
The founding members of Seven Seas experienced insolvency at their previous firm in 2008. Amid adversity, they were gracious for the kindness of others during a difficult time. That is why Seven Seas wants to help build a better society and reward those who contribute to society by revitalizing real estate.

Think Independently,
Decide Responsibly,
and Act Principally

In the investment world, many are said to be followers. At Seven Seas, we believe that we can truly be a leader of significance where we think for ourselves, take risks, provide capital where we recognize feasible value creation and take part in materializing that value as a principal.

A Platform of Value
for the Next Generation

Value creation investment in the world of real estate is still in its infancy.
While the West dominates in the industry, Japan is just starting to emerge.
As an industry pioneer, we work hard every day to explore the Japanese real estate investment market even further by opening the door to global investors and creating a platform of value that can be passed down to the next generation.

In pursuit of excellence

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